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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 02:35 pm CDT

Arven Reynolds from Carl Wirth

Alumni Remembrance

It is my sad duty to let you all know that one of the nicest and greatest of our JFK College professors died recently in Lincoln. Arven Reynolds who taught at JFK from 1967 to the college's closing in 1975 died on July 21, 2016. Mr. Reynolds who later served as Academic Dean for the college was 89 years old. I remember as a freshman in the fall of 1967, he was named advisor to the Class of '71 and was there to help us through those first months of college life. And did he look like a college professor, his rich baritone voice, his pipe and could quote Shakespeare freely. If Hollywood would send out to casting, he would have gone the part. Unknown to many of in the last year's of the college, he was willing to forgo his salary so many of his student's could graduate. Later after the college closed he became the Executive Director for Continuing Legal Education in Nebraska, which is where our paths crossed again when I was President of the Nebraska State Social Studies Council. I'm sure many of us who went into education, used Mr. Reynold's as a role model. I did attend his funeral as a representative of the Alumni Association and share for all of you to Mrs. Reynold's and her children the memories many of us shared of him.

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