John F. Kennedy College Reunion 2019 Registration Form

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JFK'er Name (for name tag):
JFK Name (for Name Tag)
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Street Address
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Cell Phone
Hilltop Country Club, 1740 County Road R Wahoo
Hilltop Country Club, 1740 County Road R, Wahoo
The Shed, 570 North Elm, Wahoo
Additional monies to defray costs of rentals, postage, programs, supplies, etc.
IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PRINT THIS FORM TO ACCOMPANY YOUR CHECK (though you can copy the completed form into a Word document if you want). CLICK ON THE BLACK "SUBMIT" BUTTON BELOW. Once you click "Submit", your selections are transmitted to us and captured electronically and held until your check arrives. Mailing instructions are: make your check payable to "John F. Kennedy College Reunion 2019", address your stamped envelope to John F. Kennedy College Reunion 2019, PO Box 72, Wahoo NE 68066, and mail the envelope and check.. These instructions will be displayed again after you click on "Submit". They are also available on the home page, though some of you may need to scroll down on the home page in order to see them. If you are experiencing difficulty with the on-line submission and you have read and followed these instructions at least twice, beginning with a fresh browser each time, contact or call Melody Harper Connett at 303-522-9388. Thank you.