Mike (Elk) and Linda (Bucky) Collins

Linda and Michael Collins linda_bucky_collins@msn.com We began our lives as Mr. & Mrs. Michael Collins two days before Michael graduated in June of "69"

That's right!!!!  We celebrated our 50th anniversary this past May. The day after his graduation he went to work at Anderson Auto in Wahoo, and I went to JFK to take finals.

The next school year Michael taught art at Mead and Cedar Bluffs Public Schools.  After determining that he might do harm to the junior high kids with their antics he then took a job with Price, Johnson, Erickson, an engineering firm in Wahoo. He also taught art at JFK after the departure of Jim Cantrell but that was cut short by the fire that took Old Main.  That fire took the art department and all supplies.

After stints at construction companies in Beatrice and Lincoln in 1977 he came home on day and said, "just came from the bank, we are going into business".  42 years later and he is the CEO of M.E. Collins Contracting Inc. We are a heavy highway construction company doing work in NE and IA. This year we have also been diligently aiding the state in repairing roads and bridges that took the brunt of the flooding in NE this last March.

During that time, we managed to produce three children, twin girls and 15 months later a boy.  They have given us six grandchildren and, of course, like everyone's, they are the cutest, the smartest and the best-behaved children ever.  They range from 18 to three years of age.

I am a Jack of All Trades and A Master of None.  After owning a couple of businesses, I determined being a Domestic Goddess and Nana was more suited to my sensibilities.  Not sure that I am "great" at it but I'm having fun trying.

Several years ago, we purchased a winter home in Venice, FL.  I thought for sure we both were going to thoroughly enjoy it.  Wrong, the pain on Michael's face was palpable.  He wanted to be where the action is, back at the office. Realized that it really wasn't my cup of tea either, so we spend most of the

year on our lake home near Valley, NE.  taking trips when it strikes our fancy.